Since 2007, Promotional Partners Inc has been a trusted resource for building brands.

Promotional Partners is an award-winning marketing agency with a diverse client base; including non- profits, clients spanning 15 industries including small local companies to well know local & global brands. Our collaborative process starts with a certified lead team of professionals engaging with products in our showroom location.

Besides our expertise, we bring in key branding partners to showcase the latest trends.

Sharing goals, brainstorming ideas & crafting strategic plans evolve naturallly when product samples are at your fingertips. 

When you are ready to start solving your challenges- we are a local presence.

.We are dedicated to providing quality & safe products; participating in Promotional Products International Association’s Code of Ethics.

  • We offer extensive safety compliance knowledge from team member Keith Scott. 
  • Corporate, government and education partners seeking a diversity partnership appreciate our NC HUB Status Certification; woman owned.

It's no wonder we are known as a place where ideas get results!