Do you accept credit cards?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

When are your showrooms open?
     Monday- Friday; 8:30-12:00 and 1:00-5:00- we suggest an appointment; otherwise we might be assisting another client.

What if I need help with artwork?
     Of course!   

Besides creative ideas, visual arts and graphic art experts on our team provide "in house" services.

We can:

  • Create logos
  • Design tee shirts, magnets and vinyls
  • Develop custom products
  • Re-fresh your marketing collaterial and visual communications
  • Vector your JPEG and hand drawn designs

Do you work with clients outside of Wake County and North Carolina?

We are based in Apex NC, however our client base is local, regional, national and international!

Can I get a catalog?

However we don't hand you a webstore in print, aka a catalog, for you to hunt for the right product.  Why would we want you to do the work yourself when we can show you the right supplier for your marketing needs? But yes, if you'd like some catalogs to have on hand for reference, we will provide you supplier catalogs selected to match your specific needs. 

Do I need to choose from what is on the website? I don't see exactly what I need.

We never want you to feel restricted to our webstore for products, it's a resource when you want to look before or after our normal business hours. In fact, we intentionally have not "flipped the switch" making our website an e- commerce store. Relax and leave the research, comparison and sourcing to our expert team.

What if I am seeking a brand name?
     Not a problem- allow us to provide what you seek!

We have access to broad range of brand names in variety of categories such as leather, crystal, golf, apparel, electronics, watches, even national brand gift cards or programs for gift redemption.