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When considering green products and corporations for your next order, it is imperative that you understand the green terminology.   

Eco-friendly: A product or process that has little or no impact on the environment and does not negatively impact the Earth or its resources.

è    Poly propylene is an eco-friendly material in that it’s re-useable, but the misconception is that it does not have to be made from recycled materials and it cannot be recycled- only reused.

 Organic:  Anything grown on land that, for at least three years, has been free of fossil fuel-based fertilizer, synthetic pesticides or any other potential toxin.

è    Organic cotton is grown entirely free of chemicals, which reduces the harmful effects of pesticides and fertilizers used in traditional methods.  Organic cotton farming also renews the soil through crop rotation and by using manure fertilizer.

Recyclable: A product that has been made with materials that can be reclaimed and reinvented into usable products. Recyclable materials include paper, glass, aluminum, tin, and plastics.  Some recyclable products are food and beverage containers, newspapers, appliances, and eyeglasses to name a few.

è    Utilizing recycled materials rather than using raw ones makes great sense as long as they don’t consume more energy and resources than they conserve in the process.  The green value of recycling greatly diminishes depending on available facilities in the geographic region.  Just because a product has a recyclable logo on it doesn’t necessarily mean it will get recycled.  That is why reusing products when possible is even better than recycling.


Recycled:  Anything that has been made from recycled materials that come from previously used consumer products, from scraps created during the manufacturing process otherwise sent to landfills, or from other waste

è    Recycled polyester is made from post-consumer plastic.  It reduces waste, lessens the need for oil and decreases pollution.


Sustainable/Renewable: Made from sustainable or renewable products that can be replenished easily such as using bamboo fibers, hemp, or cotton rather than wood or materials made from petroleum.

è    Modal is a fabric produced from indigenous beech wood, which is an easily renewable resource that requires few pesticides and fertilizers to grow.

è    Rayon fabric made from bamboo offers a soft hand and breathable wear.  Bamboo is one of the most renewable plants, growing up to a foot a day without the use of chemical pesticides.


Compostable/Biodegradable: Anything manufactured from materials able to decompose safely and relatively quickly by biological means into the raw materials of nature and disappear back into the environment.

è    Biodegradable may be the most misunderstood.  Most consumers assume that biodegradable products will disappear in a year or less according to a 2006 survey conducted by the American Chemistry Council. Biodegradable products are said to break down when exposed to air, moisture, bacteria, and other organisms. Today’s landfills are purposely engineered to eliminate moisture and to retard degradation.  Therefore, the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of biodegradable products is to compost them with other organic matter.   


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