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84% of businesses engage in business gifting.

96% of clients define a business gift as logoed personal-use items given out to establish good relationships and high retention rates with clients and employees. Additionally, two-thirds of respondents acknowledged that price played an important factor in how they identified these gifts.

It’s no surprise that the #1 time to distribute business gifts was found to be end-of-the-year holidays. However special occasions or events are a close second.

The most common response to the question of why business gifts were given was “to thank or reward”. If your company’s human resources or management team is seeking ways to shape or change behavior, as well as to strengthen employee relationships, personal gifts demonstrate an extra level of care and attention to detail. Nonprofits and groups seeking fundraising offer a way for donors to invest in an organization while creating awareness with a wearable item; custom is always an option in this category- Don’t see it on our website? Ask the professional, our promotional consultants are here to design programs that work for your unique distribution.

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A few of the clients we have assisted:

ABC              Apex Fire Department              Apex Police Department              Autopark Honda              Bell Howell              Boy Scout             Carolina Parent        Clark Pavement Marketing, Inc.         GFI             CW22             CW Richmond        CW Valley           GFI             Dominos             Eaton             EDD            Fuquay-Varina              Gibbs Soell              GFI             Holly Springs             GFI             Hill-Rom               GFI             Kay Yow          Leith              Leith Nissan              Leith Volkswagon of Cary              Logic Now           Madern              Maple View                Max by Logic Now              McClure Orthodontics              GFI             Mobile Reach             MS              NCAg              Neonova              Nissan              NO              NU Image              Prime Mortgage              Relias            Ripple Effect             Royal Oak Dental              Rx Medic              GFI             Sibson Consulting                         TFOH              Town of Apex              Town of Cary              TWR              Volkswagon              WakeMed              WakeMed Foundation              Wake Tech              WCPSS              YMCA